Case Study : Front End Transformation

Client Description

North American Supermarket retailer


Retailer recognized the need to provide a more effective shopper-centric solution to the final point of engagement, the check out! The typical assortment of magazines, gum, candy and beverages were growing tired and stale in the shoppers eyes and there was a need to completely rethink the traditional business model, merchandising, partnerships and strategy of this area.


Reinvent the front end merchandising program through an innovative approach to merchandising that drives sales, maximize profit and delivers distinct differentiation from the core competition.

TPG Approach

Using TPG’s proven Department Reinvention methodology and tools, the program was developed to leverage current shopper insights and behaviors as well as strategic supplier partnerships and alliances to create the program of the future.


Several breakthrough concepts that delivered significantly improved profitability, shopper penetration and sales for the entire front end merchandising area . Delivering business results that were well above expectations, and demonstrated a new fresh approach to merchandising the final point of contact with shoppers can drive incremental results.

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