Proactive P&L Management

Our CPG client’s Customer P&Ls are under Attack! Yes, Trade Spending is high and rising by most accounts due to higher and longer duration off-invoice allowances, lower trending base elasticity and bad ROI. But over the course of the last 2 years, retailers have begun exposing the P&L below the Net Revenue line and CPG companies are ill-prepared for the onslaught. The entire P&L is under attack as a result of a number of issues.

Don Baker and John Wildman of TPG have helped many clients improve their ability to deal with this P&L crisis. If your transportation costs, customer terms mandates, and ever-increasing customer fines/fees are putting pressure on your bottom line and you are “one offing” your way through management of it, please sign up for our short white paper. Don has recently presented at industry events with high interest in this area. And a number of clients have moved to formalize an approach this year with TPG. If you are interested in finding out what they did, click on the link below and request our short white paper.