Advanced Category Management Training Program

Advanced Category Management Training Program

Client Description

Global Convenience Retailer


The client was looking for a solution that would allow it to develop the category business planning capabilities of its retail buying teams.


Develop a program of interactive training workshops that equip retail buying teams with knowledge and skills to lead development of category plans with supplier partners.

TPG Approach

TPG worked closely with the client to develop a comprehensive and rigorous program of progression-leveled modules to address the client’s development needs and preferred training approach. Clear briefs were developed for ‘off-line’ work between workshops so that attendees could apply their learning to real life categories. An additional module for Super-Category planning was developed and used to support key markets.


  • Program was applied in markets around the globe with significant increase in levels of supplier collaboration
  • Super-Category planning module has led to a significant review of priority categories on an international basis

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