Category Management Capability Program

Category Management Capability Program

Client Description

Global Consumer Products Manufacturer


The client has always had a strong reputation for its Category Management work with Retailers but wanted to establish a comprehensive and rigorous program that could address the skills development needs of its more established Category Managers.


Develop a hands-on and workshop-based program that could close skills gaps with established Category Team members.

TPG Approach

TPG worked with the client to develop a comprehensive and customized program that leads their category teams, in countries around the globe, through a series of short but intensive working sessions to ‘pressure test’ the team’s category thinking and capability. In doing this, individual skills gaps are highlighted and addressed during the workshops while helping the collective team enhance their category capability and ‘go to market’ plans.


  • Improved Industry benchmarking scores for Category Management in teams where the training has taken place
  • Significantly enhanced levels of confidence from managers exposed to the program.

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