Building World Class Merchant Capability

Building World Class Merchant Capability

Client Description

Global Retailer (Mass & Club Channels)


The client sought to create a robust curriculum which could “bring to life” their recently developed competency dictionary and Global Merchandising Principles. This would ensure that they could substantively provide a competency-based core curriculum which, along with tying to specific individual training plans, could accelerate their progress in concretely building their Merchant capability – to World Class levels!


Develop a suite of 12 competency-based and progression-leveled courses to augment a limited /non-existent course offering. Key was to ensure content provided a credible, external view of Industry Best Practices facilitated through the Industry expertise from TPG Partners .

TPG Approach

Close collaboration with the client Talent Development team. TPG drew from vetted Best Practice curriculum utilized at the TPG pioneered “Consumer Products Leadership Program” (CPLP) at the Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas. TPG subject matter experts (SME’s) finalized courses with collaboration from client SME’s as well as linking to client Merchant technical competencies. TPG practitioner-based Partners facilitate the delivery with credible, objective and expertise not easily replicated from within the client. A cadence of ongoing delivery assures the client a broad and deep provision of courses to its’ associate training plans.


Enabled client to immediately develop, and deliver, a substantial portion of core curriculum. Associates are evaluated through use of level II assessments and their supervisorial feedback of on the job application. The course suite is being radiated to operating divisions throughout the Globe. An additional curriculum suite (5 courses) and function (Marketing) is now in process.

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