Program Effectiveness

Growth brands are winning with shopper programs in both retailer environments – bricks and mortar execution as well as online with strategies to win search, rank, reviews, and conversion.

Shopper marketing programming is effectively bridging the consumer-shopper horizon with an integrated path to loyalty journey blueprint – leveraging the right triggers at the right touchpoints which have been informed by insights.

Shopper playbooks which are rooted upstream in brand planning and marketing mix strategy drive coordinated messaging and execution across activation channels for incremental return.

What We Do

TPG helps shopper marketing organizations adopt a disciplined approach to shopper event development and measurement – maximizing the effectiveness of key partners in brand, the customer, the agency, and finance.

  • Shopper Playbook development
  • Insight ID – uncovering mutual business objectives
  • Developing effective creative briefs
  • Event development and approval process
  • Retailer execution
  • Post Analysis & ROI


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