Insight-driven Shopper Platform Design

Shoppers think in terms of ‘solutions’ vs. brands when it comes to shopping. ‘What will I serve for dinner Tuesday night? ‘What do I need to care for my new puppy?’

Shopper platforms provide a framework for retailers and brands to collaborate and develop engagement plans which meet the unmet needs of shoppers. Done well, platforms are clearly linked to a need or belief with a time, money, or emotional benefit.

It doesn’t stop there. Actionable platforms deliver a recognized value to retailers (eg. trips, loyalty, bigger baskets) as well as to the brand (HH penetration, frequency, transaction size, loyalty).

What We Do

Utilizing TPG’s 4-point test model, we help you develop relevant shopper platforms which resonate with shoppers, customers, and your brands. For organizations with a portfolio of brands, we uncover high-order platforms which enable single and multi-brand executions while maintaining brand voice.

  • Need state identification
  • 4 point test insight blueprint
  • Shopper platform design
  • Platform activation – shopper solutions



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