Case Study: Building Shopper Marketing Capability

Case Study: Building Shopper Marketing Capability

Client Description

Global Brand leading CPG.


In order to step change their capability, and lead the industry in Shopper Marketing expertise, this client engaged TPG to build capability across their European business, to enable them to more effectively understand and meet their shoppers needs in the business plans they are developing with customers across all channels of trade.


To develop the skill and capability of a cross country CPG commercial community through building a Shopper Marketing Toolkit, that can be used in all channels, and in all levels of market sophistication.

TPG Approach

TPG reviewed the current market capability and tools, and developed a roadmap for the region and each country to set performance benchmarked in the area of Shopper Marketing capability. This was followed by the development of the toolkit and skills development programs, that were the rolled out into each country.


The client is now recognized as a ‘thought leader’ amongst its peers in the area of Shopper Marketing, and more importantly is leading the development of many innovative Shopper Marketing programs with its customers across the region.

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