Performance Management


The Opportunity

People are an organization’s most important asset, yet attracting, retaining and motivating top performing personnel is an ongoing challenge. Many organizations are finding that their current performance management programs are rewarding behaviors that are inconsistent with their corporate strategies and objectives. In addition to being ineffective, many of these programs are far too costly relative to the benefits they do provide. Through more innovative, targeted and disciplined performance management programs, leading consumer product manufacturers are achieving higher levels of personnel engagement and better business results in a more cost effective manner.


Organization Development


What We Do

TPG’s Organization Development Practice has extensive experience in designing and installing highly effective performance management programs for many of the world’s leading consumer product manufacturers. TPG offers a full spectrum of performance management consulting services that deliver immediate and sustainable results for an entire consumer products enterprise or a targeted function or group within an organization. A partial list of our consulting services includes:

  • Assessment & Benchmarking: Conduct a comprehensive assessment identifying the strengths and opportunities in every area of performance management for an entire enterprise and/or a targeted part of the organization. If desired, benchmarking relative to industry best practices and/or the competition can be included.
  • Program Development: Identify and design the appropriate mechanisms and components (e.g., performance appraisals, 360s) for collecting data and evaluating performance.
  • Content Development: Identify and develop success factors (e.g., KPI’s, MBO’s, leadership and technical competencies) that drive performance.
  • Rewards: Evaluate, develop and/or refine the client’s reward programs including the composition and design of the compensation package, at risk pay and the manner in which pay is administered.
  • Recognition: Design and embed recognition programs proven to motivate people to deliver results.
  • Developmental Resources: Identify on-the-job, on-your-own and other resources and programs that will train, encourage and motivate desired behaviors.
  • Role Leveling & Job Evaluation Input: Provide industry calibration and role specifications as input to job evaluation.
  • Industry Benchmarking: An innovative approach to viewing results on common KPIs against industry results multiple levels (e.g., department, team, individual) with linkage to developmental resources and opportunities identified to close gaps.

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