Retailer Specific Ecommerce Channel Strategies


The Opportunity

TPG will design customized retailer strategies to grow the manufacturer brands within the retailer and the category. These specific strategies will be designed for the key retailers.



Consumer Products


What We Do

This work will use data and findings from a retailer specific assessment including an expert site navigation and search study, top keywords study and assortment/price study for key skus. Once this assessment work is completed the following components will be designed in conjunction with the manufacturer design team.

  • Assortment and Packaging Concepts: Development of product packaging recommendations for Ecommerce channel cost/efficiency. Development of product innovation concepts to harness Ecommerce including visualizations by TPGs retail artist (if required).
  • Price and Promotion Approaches: Ecommerce retail audits uncover gaps and opportunities. Promotional audits to understand current retailer best practices in online promotions including free shipping, loyalty programs, auto-replenishment, etc.
  • Site Navigation and Taxonomy Recommendations:Each retailer strategy will include specific recommendations for that retailer regarding category specific site flow and onsite search to encourage the best presentation of manufacturer and category products within the site (copy/creative). Taxonomy (product naming) approaches are optimized using consumer/shopper language.
  • Onsite Search and SEO Recommendations: Onsite Search recommendations regarding landing zones from key searches and “synonym” lists of terms that shoppers are likely to use and where to link them.
  • Supply Chain Recommendations:Breakthrough offer or solution to support Ecommerce retailer operations.
  • Omni-Shopper & Digital Marketing:Review of retailer digital offers (fee or free) to assess highest ROI digital shopper marketing programs. This will include recommendations to invest in or drive customer reviews. TPG and manufacturer may concept design unique interactive shopping tools or “apps” for potential test and learn.
  • Leveraging Manufacturer Assets :Such as Email, Social, Brand Websites, Where to Buy Buttons– Driving traffic to Ecommerce, other.
  • Retailer Cross Conflict and Bricks and Mortar impact: TPG will complete this work with a review of how all these recommendations to mitigate cross retailer conflict. Some initiatives may have a direct impact on Bricks and Mortar.

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