The Opportunity

TPG and the manufacturer design team develop a high level implementation/roadmap calendar involving all functions and their key deliverables over a timeline that will span over three years with by-week detail in first 12 months.

What We Do

TPG has a proven track record of helping companies transition to their desired future state efficiently while mitigating the risks inherent in implementing change. We have effectively implemented organization designs and go-to-market strategies in companies large and small. TPG’s proprietary Omni-channel and Ecommerce Roadmap products include several critical “changeover” and “facilitation” plans that ensure a comprehensive, successful and sustainable implementation effort. Each plan is seamlessly linked together to create an integrated and smooth transition. A partial list of our execution and implementation consulting services includes:

  • Change Management and Education: TPG will conduct Ecommerce and Omni-channel Seminars these typically take 3 hours at the manufacturer site and holistically review brand, supply chain, sales, and IT. To ensure proper communication throughout the organization additional Executive Seminar typically lasting 45 minutes will be conducted.
  • Launching the Ecommerce Center of Excellence: TPG will provide coaching of a new hire Head of Ecommerce role as part of a 100 day plan, etc. TPG will also help facilitate building in Ecommerce components into team plans – innovation pipelines and AOP Pro forma P&L Development.
  • Standardized Ecommerce Practices: TPG helps establish fast customization of Supply Chain for Ecommerce by facilitating development workshops to deliver 3-10 Ecommerce Packs. (seek to break the current machine by setting extreme timeline – 12 weeks) TPG will take the learnings and strengths weaknesses of execution work as inputs to design a new fast customization process with established — roles, information, decision making, locations, and providers. Revise order management guidelines, brackets, etc. as required.
  • Ecommerce Guidebook for brands and categories at Retail (go to market selling toolset) : Our consultants will provide a guidebook that includes a usability study of how shoppers buy online across key retailers, keyword analysis and search/SEO action plans, strategies and tactics recommendations to retailers to grow the category online, digital toolkit explained and easy to present, and deploy to sales teams with training session (101 level and 201 level).
  • Ecommerce/Omni-channel Joint Planning Pilot Program with leading retailer: This pilot program uses insights from TPG’s work at leading retailers regarding joint planning with partners. A pilot may only cover 2 or 3 of the scoping items below dependent on retailer and opportunities. Potential pilot opportunities are unique ecommerce assortment (items may draw from 3-10 Ecommerce packs), digital shopper marketing partnership, site optimization to drive conversion, and supply chain – demand planning and shipping cost optimization.
  • Digital Shopper Marketing Recommendations: Review retailer digital offers (fee or free) to asses maximizing the highest ROI for digital shopper marketing programs. TPG will provide recommendations to invest in or drive social commerce, social platforms, and customer reviews. TPG and the manufacturer will collaborate during concept design to develop unique interactive shopping tools, mini-sites or “apps” and shopper concept testing. Additional solutions include design of a calendar with digital test and Learns for key strategic retailers, development of the ROI tools and proformas to pre-determine the results desired from retailer programs and post audit, create and launch a lean online video and photo studio for scalable video content and design, cost of setup, operations – cost per video.
  • In-store Pickup and Drive Through Initiatives: TPG forecasts that grocery and drug expansion into mobile app driven shopping with drive up or drive through pickup will roll out in 2015 and become significant in 2016. This work is particularly critical as an ecommerce solutions for mainstream categories.
  • Digital assets: TPG will assess spending and incentives to drive impulse purchasing to be combined for in store pickup solution.
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