The Opportunity

TPG and the manufacturer design team will address and determine, for each manufacturer business, the specific guidelines backed by data-driven rationale and a view to industry best practices.

Effective corporate strategy includes an aspirational vision, clear performance targets and rigorous analysis insuring portfolio and resource optimization. When well deployed, it will reside in the hearts, minds and day-to-day activities of every person within the organization.

What We Do

TPG has the practitioner and consulting experience to create and improve our client’s direct-to-consumer business model. This work will help transform not only how a manufacturers brand communicates with their consumers but also how the merchandise gets into their hands. A list of our consulting services include:


  • Assortment and Custom Packaging Approaches: Review and adjust current policies and approaches to customized assortment across channels. Determine high level assortment opportunities across the key brands and categories. This is based on high level review of top sellers on key sites and contributing factors.
  • Supply Chain Policies & Capabilities: A balanced set of financial and non-financial metrics and targets bridging current reality to an ambitious future state.
  • Pricing Policies (similar and linked to Supply Chain):Identify high level policies designed to protect against channel conflict today and determine changes (if required) to protect in a dynamic pricing marketplace with transparent Ecommerce retail pricing.
  • Trade Funding Approach: Identify the specific funding tiers for Ecommerce and approaches given the transparency of promotion and pricing online and other bricks and mortar funding approaches.
  • Omni-Shopper Engagement Strategy: Develop guidelines regarding the types of digital shopper marketing programs that are recommended and ROI measurement. Determine whether the manufacturer will leverage brand owned digital assets (e.g. Facebook, Twitter)
  • Core Digital Assets Offering:Determine the required level of digital assets required by category/brand as a common offer across retailers and costs/refresh/management.
  • Technology and Data Investments Required: Clarify the initial technology and data elements required to gain influence and grow market share in the channel along with ways to develop insights by sharing and jointly developing with Ecommerce retailers. These choices will be validated against the manufacturer Ecommerce Channel P&L to understand the profit generated by the agreed scenarios. Additionally these choices will be vetted against a channel conflict analysis to determine potential issues or blowback from steps recommended.
  • Omni-Shopper Insights & Path to Loyalty blueprint:
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