Technical Function Productivity


The Opportunity

R&D, Product Development, Package Development, Engineering, Product Supply and Quality central Functions are often left to drive their own functional optimization instead of being integrated with corporate commercial structures and processes and overall business and functional objectives. This often leads to a reactive, silo-ed technical processes and structure as well as a lack of technical focus linked to business and innovation priorities. While at times it appears that these structures get results, they are typically based on individual heroics and crisis-like project management, the results of which may mask systemic inefficiencies that ultimately create complexity, one-time costs, waste and morale challenges. The costs of poor quality alone can be as high as 30% of sales. The combined impact leads to strategic innovation speed loss, increased risk, lack of financial viability and overall execution challenges.


Consumer Product Innovation


What We Do

TPG’s Partners have extensive technical function management and consulting experience. As such, our Partners quickly and efficiently improve the productivity of our client’s technical functions. A partial list of our technical function consulting services includes:

  • Strategy, Organization and Process Discovery / Assessment: Highlights limitations of strategies, structures and core, end-to-end multifunctional processes vs. best practices across the technical function landscape. Examples of these processes include: Technical Platform Development, Internal/External Idea Sourcing, Strategic / Product Sourcing, Excellence by Design, Concept Refinement & Fast Track, Technical Stage Gate, Continuous Improvement, Goal Alignment and Manufacturing Excellence.
  • Process Design: With a multi-functional client design team, TPG facilitates documentation of each work process to a new best practice standard that includes detailed tasks and metrics. The team then collectively simulates how the process would work with real-world corporate initiatives and strategies and finally optimizes tasks and flow between the technical functions as needed.
  • Role / Structural Optimization / Realignment: Based on new processes, TPG works with the design team to optimize a lean, sustainable, strategy-driven, business-linked technical structure that efficiently delivers the design requirements.
  • Implementation: TPG co-leads the activation of selected processes to deliver the desired results as a baseline and a governance approach to continuously improve over time.

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