Case Study: Breakthrough Office Products for Profitable Growth

Client Description

North American supplier of office/document management products.


  • The Document Management category had evolved into a commodity with very little branded differentiation.
  • Products based exclusively on functionality (hanging folder) rather than on solving a unique consumer need.
  • As a result, consumers tend to buy “whatever is the cheapest”.


  • To step change innovation and identify new solution-based “platforms for growth”.
  • Create a pipeline of new products that delivers on unmet or partially met needs in a uniquely differentiating way.

TPG Approach

  • A unique combination of quantitative and highly interactive qualitative ideation techniques.
  • Ideas were grouped into benefit-based platforms.
  • Most promising ideas were transformed into robust and relevant product solutions, tested and validated with consumers.
  • Developed a prioritized new product pipeline based on a balanced set of consumer and internal capability criteria.


  • Online Ideation resulted in over 630 ideas.
  • 7 Benefit-Based Platforms were developed.
  • Multi-sensory insight and idea development sessions resulted in 40 high potential new product ideas.
  • 10 Concepts qualitatively and quantitatively tested.
  • Launched 4 new products.
  • In-market results that exceeded every goal.

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