Case Study: Unlocking Modern Manufacturer Growth Through Customer Development

Unlocking Modern Manufacturer Growth Through Customer Development



A leading multi-category manufacturer with productivity spanning multiple operating companies recognized many existing circumstances hindered its full growth potential.  It struggled with duplicative sales forces experiencing lagging tactical sales execution and was challenged by declining category consumption and retail margins.  In addition, flat to declining brand shares had plagued the company, and competencies of the organization were not aligned for modern business demands.

The manufacturer asked TPG for help to implement a best in class Customer Development organization re-designed with competency based rolled and training curriculum.

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We orchestrated a complete competency based organization assessment to best understand the current landscape.  After which, we began a deep-dive analysis of its category leadership portfolio to dissect current roadblocks and opportunities in the areas of:

  • Shopper Insights and Category Strategies & Initiatives
  • Organization re-design with competency based roles & training curriculum
  • Customer Management & Joint Business Planning process development

We engineered a process to link key strategic customers to foster high-productivity engagement with cross functional teams, designed Joint Business Plans for 21 of the Top 25 Accounts, and trained the Trainer Approach Utilized for superior training self-sufficiency.


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A two-year analysis revealed an Average Category Share increase of +2.3%*, 9% organization efficiency through reduced headcount, and stellar net sales year over year.  As a result, the manufacturer realized year-one Net Sales increase of 4% and year-two Net Sales increase of 3.5%.

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