Case Study: Customer Management Excellence

Client Description

Leading global confectionery manufacturer


  • Client needed to align their limited internal resource to take their new category vision to the trade most effectively and efficiently way (recognising one size does not fit all)


  • To plan customer engagement and internal resource to optimise results

TPG Approach

  • TPG worked with Client to segment their customers into different types (eg Œfully collaborative¹) based on their relative importance to the supplier and the customer¹s Œwill and skill¹ to work jointly to execute key initiatives to grow the category, based on historic and future considerations
  • Different styles of engagement were identified for each defined Customer type/segment and specific tasks to service each were defined
  • All customers were mapped out and internal resource requirements identified


  • Client robustly prioritised customers and planned the best way to engage each
  • Internal resource key issues were clearly identified in advance and managed proactively
  • Approach has been embedded into ways of working (eg job descriptions reflect specific tasks by customer type)


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