Promotion Effectiveness


The Opportunity

TPG’s research reveals that consumer products companies have a variety of promotion objectives including trial, brand switching, demand shaping and consumption. Ultimately, every company is searching for profitable and sustainable growth from their promotional activity. However, the most common issues, outlined below, create significant barriers to achieving the desired growth.

  • Inability to accurately analyze promotional return on investment
  • Inability to design and execute truly innovative and differentiated promotions
  • Inability to measure impact on shopper and consumer behavior
  • Complicated and inefficient internal and external practices

This research also revealed that the most successful consumer products companies (in promotional effectiveness) required systemic intervention – holistic change in their promotional strategies, practices and tools. Surgically addressing one area, like adding a new promotional event tool, often results in disappointing results along with the burden of additional costs and complexity. TPG’s promotional effectiveness consulting services insures that our clients recognize and properly address the interdependencies of strategy, practices and tools and achieve profitable growth.


Category Management


What We Do

TPG’s Partners have the experience and expertise to productively guide our clients in the development of the appropriate promotional strategies, practices and tools. We enable our clients to quickly design and activate innovative and highly effective promotions that drive growth for their categories and brands. A partial list of our promotion consulting services includes:

  • Assessment & Benchmarking: Comprehensive assessment identifying the strengths and opportunities in the areas of strategy, practices, organizational capabilities, systems/tools and performance management.
  • Promotion Dashboard: Create KPI’s covering a range of choices (beyond a single ROI dimension) for understanding the effectiveness of promotions (e.g. profitability, supply chain efficiencies, desired consumer, shopper and retail customer behavior, etc.).
  • Promotion Effectiveness Analysis: Undertake a detailed analysis, to classify a promotion’s effectiveness, utilizing TPG’s proprietary criteria (up to 27 elements), identify stakeholders and develop reporting tools for ongoing decision support.
  • Growth Drivers: Identify the classification of promotion and individual events that drive the brand and/or retail customer’s category. Create scenarios for growth.
  • Promotion Innovation: Ideation of new, innovative promo techniques including customization, social media and digital while helping to prioritize the options based on agreed to criteria.
  • Promotion Agency Evaluation: Formal review of the client’s current promotion and shopper marketing agencies. Comprehensive review of all key services, capabilities and costs. Scan and screening of alternative agencies.
  • Activation: Build a comprehensive plan for flawless and rapid deployment including category, brand and event guidelines, sequencing/calendar of events, etc.
  • Planning Processes & Capability: Design and facilitate the implementation of the key promotion processes, including corporate event development, customer event planning, customer event monitoring/compliance management and post event evaluation.

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