Category Vision and Growth Drivers

Category Vision and Growth Drivers

Client Description

International supplier of frozen vegetables


  • Frozen vegetable flat market growth in contrast to vegetables in other formats which have enjoyed significant growth (eg chilled)
  • Frozen vegetables category has received very little focus from leading retailers as no compelling plan for growth


  • To inspire key retailers to work collaboratively with the supplier to jointly grow the frozen vegetables category by making it more relevant to the needs of their shoppers

TPG Approach

  • TPG facilitated cross functional team to assess the category, following key Business Questions to re-define the category, develop a Œmenu of  key growth Driver opportunities and craft an over-arching vision statement
  • Size of prize was quantified for each Category Driver, the supplier and retailer to ensure each opportunity was realistic and motivating for all
  • Tactical toolkit was built to best unlock each Driver in each retailer from a category perspective


  • Approach transformed supplier’s mind-set and ways of working from product/brand led approach into how they could best meet the needs of the category through the most relevant solutions
  • Elevated dialogue with leading retailers who committed to re-invent the category in-store to step change target shopper behavior and category growth
  • Additional space and listings won for supplier in line with their significantly increased influence


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