Case Study: Category Transformation Proves Win for Manufacturer, Retailer and Consumer

Category Transformation Proves Win for Manufacturer, Retailer and Consumer



A large soup manufacturer struggled with driving exponential growth due to poor shoppability of the entire category, in addition to facing an expanding lack of consumer engagement.  Thus, commodity pressure to sustain and grow the category continued to rise.  Given the future outlook was pensive due to escalating challenges critical to overcome, TPG was asked to help bring category management leadership to rebound the category.  
With the manufacturer in search of a new vision, we received the opportunity to think big and leverage revolutionary and innovative solutions to reinvent how soup would be shopped.  It became essential to focus on growing ‘share of stomach’ not just ‘ share of soup’.

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Further analyses revealed an imperative need to design a customized roadmap that would deliver a profound soup transformation.  To ensure successful project progression, we stayed close to the manufacturer cross-functional team to lead throughout a collaborative process.  Our proprietary Category Leadership Program methodology became the cornerstone for building a proven blueprint for long-term stability and growth.  Applying new integrated strategies and initiatives were critical to ignite the category, in tandem, developing an advanced gravity feed shelf system delivered immediate improved shoppability.


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The manufacturer’s performance was radically improved.  Following deployment of this new in-store concept at key retailers, the manufacturer achieved 7.1% category growth, and 9.4% manufacturer growth within the category.  The consumer voice confirmed extreme satisfaction when shopping for soup.  Of equal importance, the gravity feed shelving reduced store labor costs while the billboard effect improved brand visibility and messaging by being 210% larger.

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