Case Study: Engineering Category Growth Opportunities

Engineering Category Growth Opportunities



A leading pet care manufacturer in North America came to the realization that it lacked a recognizable category identity and struggled with limited channel differentiation. While being difficult to shop, it also lacked routine/commodity-oriented shopping trips while creating no excitement or communication on the health & well-being of the pet.  The manufacturer asked TPG for help to champion a Category Leadership project to identify a new vision for bringing authority to the category.  In addition, ideating a strategic platform for establishing the retailer as a ‘preferred pet care provider’ was critical to uncovering breakthrough concepts to satisfy and delight pet owners.

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Through mining shopper data to uncover perceptive insights, we then leveraged our proprietary 3D Model system to create new growth strategies supported by revolutionary initiatives.  Concepts engineered included Big Bag Assistance program, Treat Center, in addition to overall category location messaging.  Facilitating flow and signage redesign for in-store implementation proved groundbreaking for the manufacturer.


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This significant win delivered 9.3% category growth after deployment of new in-store reinvention concepts within a leading retailer.

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