How Effectively is your Shopper Marketing Contributing to Sales Growth and Brand Equity?

Viewing Shopper Marketing as a strategic business function that delivers competitive advantage to those do it well, will be even more imperative in the future, as how we live and shop continues to blur with technological advances.

TPG Partner Kathryn Purchase transforms our clients approach to Shopper Marketing to grow sales and brand equity. Kathryn combines extensive experience of operational Shopper Marketing through her career in Shopper and Category roles in global CPG companies, with a leading edge understanding of Shopper Psychology from consulting on how the psychology of decision-making impacts the effectiveness of Shopper Marketing. Combining her practical understanding, with a strategic vision of possibilities and potential for shopper marketing in today’s changing retail world, she delivers value to clients by understanding their specific challenges.

How well is your business adapting to the changes in how and where shoppers shop?
Delivering Shopper Marketing that converts shoppers to purchase in retail environments contributing to brand, category and retailer growth is the key to success in today’s rapidly changing retail landscape.

  • The fundamentals of Shopper Marketing success start with a clear vision of Shopper Marketing, together with a fit for purpose organisational structure with clearly defined roles and functional capabilities
  • Leveraging insight often differentiates the good from the great, be that a clear understanding of the consumer shopper journey for your brand or category, or the effectiveness of touchpoints, messages or visuals to influence shopper behaviour
  • Strategy and planning are essential to success, from clarity on the role of consumer and shopper marketing as part of an integrated marketing approach, to the allocation of budgets to deliver against priority business objectives with maximum commercial returns
  • The best strategies can be let down by poor execution, making effective operational processes, execution and tracking an important part of Shopper Marketing success

Learn how TPG’s Shopper Marketing approach is helping CPG companies convert shoppers across all retail channels and shopper missions.