Consumer and shopper modes have blurred. The digital interface is re-wiring how consumers find, select, and buy. Competition is no longer defined within a shelf set. Shoppers can find, click, and receive the brand they want – even if their retailer doesn’t carry it. This creates significant challenges to today’s Supply Chain for both Suppliers & Retailers.

To effectively respond, Suppliers must focus on new challenges (Store Fulfillment, Same Day Delivery, Planning, Execution, and rethinking of their networks and capabilities).

The idea that brick and mortar stores will be replaced by Omni-channel has been exaggerated. The retail footprint will continue to be a part of the overall Omni-channel strategy. Suppliers and Retailers will need to embed Omni-channel into their strategies in order to transform their supply chain into a responsive network with new capabilities.

What We Do

TPG understands how to help Suppliers develop and deliver an effective Omni-channel strategy:

  • Developing solutions that deliver profitable growth (difficult & unprofitable → profitable but not accretive → profitable and lean forward products).
  • Processes & Capabilities
    • Value Stream Mapping and Process Focus
    • Single view of product (real time inventory visibility)
    • Data to improve forecasting and demand sensing
    • Available to Promise
  • Portfolio
    • The need to customize to meet unique challenges and needs
    • Fast Customization work and decision making processes
  • Modelling
    • Consider an Existing and Proven Shipping Model
    • Re-engineer current DC Network
    • Direct from store, ship from depot, 3PL
  • Improved collaboration between manufacturers and retailers
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