Winning at Strategic Customers


Winning at Strategic Customers

Client Description

Leading global food manufacturer with multiple operating companies


A common need, this client needed to determine the optimal way to interface with their largest customer to improve collaboration and results. Their relationship with this customer at the start of the project was strained due to both ineffective relationships and underdeveloped results.


The objective of our work was to develop a single cross-functional interface with the client’s largest customer, to build brand / category influence and to lead the customer agenda.

TPG Approach

TPG utilized our proprietary design and implementation methodologies to develop cutting edge organizational capabilities and a cross-functional, cross OpCo customer team focused on building tangible results through improved collaboration with this strategic customer. Outputs included:
1) Cross functional, cross OpCo Customer Team
2) 25 world class customer interface processes
3) Common business metrics, KPI’s, tools & new reward system
4) Negotiated decision rights (governance) across all OpCo’s and functions
5) Change management planning and facilitation


1) Project and team embraced by customer and top management team
2) Identified $500 million in “low hanging fruit”
3) Identified annual sales upside of $10B within 8 years
4) Cost neutral

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