Webinar: Talent Selection Best Practices

TPG’s Robert Satterwhite will be presenting a webinar on Talent Selection Best Practices as part of HR.com’s Integrated Talent Management  virtual conference on March 21st. Be sure to register for this free event.               [button size=”medium” color=”white” link=”http://www.hr.com/en/webcasts_events/webcasts/upcoming_webcasts/talent-selection-best-practices_hqh48afd.html?s=thgierXEjhjH6aIA”]Register[/button]

Research suggests that there are three primary areas where organizations could be getting more out of their talent selection processes. First, HR and managers may not know enough about what’s required for success in the target jobs. Second, they may have insufficient information about the candidates they are hiring into these roles. Third, they may be failing to fully leverage data collected during the hiring process to inform downstream processes such as onboarding, training, and development. The current session will investigate these three areas in detail using the latest research as well as examples that bring this research to life.