Shopper Mind & Behaviors and Merchandising Impact

Course Description

This course will allow participants to crawl inside the heads, hearts and wallets of Shoppers in order to unearth key motivations and behaviors when Shoppers shop…and buy! From a base foundation of identification of key influencers in a shopper’s mindset we will then explore how a shopping trip is considered and conducted. Importantly, we will lead to the translation of this keen Shopper Mind & Behavior understanding into translation oat retail where browsers can become buyers; and, where loyalty can be built.


Learning Objectives

  • To describe the Triune Brain Model and explain how it influences our
  • To identify Reptilian and Limbic behaviors and determine how they may impact the shopper
  • To recognize insights from recent functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) and steady-state typography (SST) research
  • To recognize how our minds and bodies work together while shopping, and how these influences may affect in-store merchandising
  • To identify opportunities to leverage these insights to influence shopper


  • Instructor led
  • Webinar
  • Experiential

Target Audience

Any person from a Manufacturer, Retailer, Distributor or Agency, within the Consumer Product Goods industry, who seeks a high-level, strategic understanding of the Shopper’s Mind & Behaviors and how that Impacts Merchandising. Typical participants include roles such as Directors, Senior Managers, Category Managers, Senior Buyers, Team Leaders, Account Executives, Marketing Managers, Senior Pricing & Promotion Managers, Finance Managers, Business Managers, Operations Managers, Retail or Sales Strategy Managers, Trade Marketers, etc.

Supported Behaviors

Analysis & Insights
Shopper Marketing

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