Leverage Consumer/Shopper Insights (Retail)

Course Description

Participants will learn what a consumer/shopper insight is, its application to real brand/banner business needs, and why insights are critical in today’s business environment. Participants will learn how to develop insights from data and observations and how to link these insights to a brand or banner. Participants will learn to dig deep for meaningful insight to integrate into the creative execution in a brand and banners marketing program. Participants will bring useful and applicable processes and tools back to the brand and banner.


Learning Objectives

  • Better understand consumer attitudes and behaviors that drive the business.
  • Better understand how to take a comprehensively developed observation, link it to a brand/ banner and turn it into an insight.
  • Better understand how to turn an insight into a successful concept and then apply it to the marketing mix


  • Instructor led
  • Webinar
  • Experiential

Target Audience

Any person within the Marketing function working who is interested in Identifying and Leveraging Consumer/Shopper Insights. Typical participants include Assistant Marketing Managers, Marketing Managers, Senior Marketing Managers, and Directors of Marketing.

Supported Behaviors

Strategic Business Planning
Analysis & Insights

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