The Partnering Group Welcomes James Sampson

James Sampson is a seasoned data professional, boasting a broad range of expertise in the Consumer-Packaged Goods (CPG) industry. With a keen focus on data systems and product management, James has established a strong reputation in the field, standing at the intersection of technical and strategic acumen.

James Sampson
Partner | North America

James has successfully led a variety of complex projects around internal reporting, system consolidation, shopper data, and category sales analysis. His breadth of experience extends to the development of robust production systems for some of the world’s most prominent CPG companies, transforming their operations through data-driven insights.

James’s unique strength lies in his ability to help clients decode and integrate complex data sets. Providing clarity and ensuring transparency, James enables businesses to extract actionable insights from their data, driving strategic outcomes that propel growth. As a leader in data and product management, James stands as a trusted partner for businesses seeking to harness their data as a strategic asset.

James Sampson represents a rare blend of deep technical knowledge, strategic insight, and industry-specific expertise in the CPG domain. With him, businesses can expect a data professional who is not just proficient in his field, but a dedicated partner in navigating the complexities and unlocking the opportunities that data presents in the modern business landscape.