TPG-Touchstone Talent Engagement Tool Announcement

The Partnering Group (TPG) is pleased to announce a new product offering stemming from a recently formed relationship with Touchstone Group Associates. TPG and Touchstone have co-developed a Talent Engagement Tool (TET). The TET is an easy to deploy data aggregation platform designed to manage employee performance data (key performance indicators “KPIs”) and link KPI data to key learning tools from both inside and outside the organization. Additionally, the platform provides a social learning platform for employees to collaborate and share best practices, and a library to warehouse and manage best practice content.
TPG and Touchstone developed the TET in order to specifically target the employee data management/analytics and training needs of retailers, manufacturers, distributors and sales agents within the consumer packaged goods industry. The TET will be marketed and sold under the TPG trademark.
TPG is delighted to be working with Touchstone to better serve their clients’ needs. For inquiries, please contact Scott Estes, Touchstone Group CEO/President, at or Mike Holcomb, TPG Managing Director, at

About Touchstone Group
Touchstone designs and builds enterprise-wide software applications used to aggregate, analyze and display its clients’ employee performance data and connect it with relevant training content and communications. Touchstone software enables clients to execute on their business plan objectives quickly by providing each person in the organization the real-time data necessary to achieve their individual goals – linking them to the specific learning, process, or engagement resources needed to support and drive maximum productivity. Founded in 2001, Touchstone has leveraged its technology and expertise to help drive the workforce performance of Global 1000 brands.
About The Partnering Group
Founded in 1990, The Partnering Group (TPG) is a strategy and management consulting firm serving every retail and consumer goods sector throughout the world. TPG’s mission is to build sustainable growth and incremental value for leading retail and consumer product companies. For more than two decades, TPG has helped hundreds of clients identify and address their greatest challenges and opportunities, ultimately, enhancing shareholder value. TPG has led the major shift in the retail and consumer products industry’s ability to accelerate growth through advanced practices in collaborative planning and execution. As such, TPG is recognized globally for Best Practices in numerous workstreams including Category Management, Shopper Marketing, Department Reinvention and Joint Business Planning. TPG, enabled by the TET, will now be able to deliver industry-leading technology to an elite set of existing clientele, as well as other organizations within the consumer packaged goods industry, to enable those clients to manage their business on real-time data more effectively and efficiently. For more information, visit In addition, follow TPG on Twitter: @TPGConsulting or on LinkedIn.