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Welcome to TPG in the News, the industry journal of The Partnering Group, Inc.. The Partnering Group is dedicated to providing research, insights and best practices to the retail and consumer products industry. Review our blog entries listed below to hear about our upcoming or completed speeches, reports, publications and articles. Our purpose is to provide new perspectives on new initiatives for profitable growth in our industry. Our articles are authored by TPG Partners and provide actionable information based on TPG's in-field experience with global retailer and manufacturer leaders. Please find our latest entries listed below.

4 Common ICP Conversion Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

By: Chrys Tarvin and Steve Forsyth Making the switch to an Inbound Consolidation Program (ICP) could easily be one of the most advantageous strategic moves your organization m ..

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6 Tips for Your ICP Supplier Negotiations

By: Chrys Tarvin and Steve Forsyth You, your team, and your experienced supply chain strategy partners have put your heads together and found the highest impact initiative to ..

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Seamless Transitions: Getting Everyone Onboard after an ICP Conversion

By: Chrys Tarvin and Steve Forsyth Congratulations! You have made the wise decision to convert your organization to an inbound consolidation program. ICP conversions are gener ..

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What’s In It For Us? How Your Inbound Consolidation Conversion Benefits Supplier Partners

By: Chrys Tarvin and Steve Forsyth With all of the obvious advantages of converting to an inbound consolidation program, you already know that this increasingly popular move i ..

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Proactive P&L Management

Our CPG client’s Customer P&Ls are under Attack! Yes, Trade Spending is high and rising by most accounts due to higher and longer duration off-invoice allowances, lower tren ..

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The Partnering Group names Jon Troy as New Partner

The Partnering Group is excited to announce that Jon Troy has joined the firm as a Partner. Jon brings unique experience that will allow us to develop our Category Leadership, Shop ..

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Ditching the Spreadsheets: How Supply Chain Design Software Can Lead You to a Winning ICP Conversion

By: Chrys Tarvin and Steve Forsyth Your product covers a lot of ground between manufacturer and customer. In fact, inbound logistics is generally responsible for more than hal ..

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Job Posting: Client Service Graphic Design Manager

Job Details Company: The Partnering Group Location: Cincinnati, Ohio Field: Graphic/Digital Design Job Functions: Graphic design to include corporate presentations, marketing mater ..

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Finding the Right ICP Partner

By: Chrys Tarvin and Steve Forsyth Ok, so you have realized that making the conversion to an inbound consolidation program (ICP) is the right move for you. You already know about ..

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What is an ICP?

By: Chrys Tarvin and Steve Forsyth When it comes to the retail industry, few would disagree that it is in the best interest of all players—customers, suppliers, and retailers al ..

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