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Welcome to TPG in the News, the industry journal of The Partnering Group, Inc.. The Partnering Group is dedicated to providing research, insights and best practices to the retail and consumer products industry. Review our blog entries listed below to hear about our upcoming or completed speeches, reports, publications and articles. Our purpose is to provide new perspectives on new initiatives for profitable growth in our industry. Our articles are authored by TPG Partners and provide actionable information based on TPG's in-field experience with global retailer and manufacturer leaders. Please find our latest entries listed below.

Latest Trends In Retail Marketing

Including emerging practices of shopper-focused Category Management and Shopper Marketing. Presented at the Food Industry Executive Forum in Los Angeles at the University of Southe ..

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Consumer & Shopper Journey Insight Model: Innovative Value Creation From Consumer & Shopper Insights

How to develop consumer and shopper insights to build compelling shopper and category business plans. Presented at the ECR Europe Conference Brussels, 2011 – ECR Europe: Brea ..

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40 Things – Tips for Improved Ecommerce Sales

Presentation of case studies regarding tactical ways to immediately improve website conversion and drive sales. Presented to the Annual Summit 2011 by Peter Leech, TPG Par ..

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Social Commerce Trends

Presentation regarding new research and best practices in the use of Facebook and other social platforms to drive sales. Presented on a panel of retailers at the Annual Su ..

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Organization Design Implications of Shopper & Category Development

Presented to the Category Management Association and to Fenalco in Colombia by Tammy Montero, TPG Organization Design & Effectiveness Practice Leader. ..

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Future Wave of Category Management – Shopper & Category Development

Presented to the Category Management Association and to Fenalco in Colombia by Dr. Brian Harris, TPG Founder. ..

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Category Leadership Best Practices

Presentation on Driving Insights to Actions at Retail. Leveraging Shopper and Marketplace insights to create superior in-store solutions. Presented to Sara Lee and some of their To ..

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Shopper and Category Development

A presentation on the next generation of Category Management driven by Shopper Insights. Presented to a Food Marketing Institute (FMI) audience by Doug Morrison, TPG Partner. ..

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