Robert Satterwhite Serves as Guest Editor for’s Talent Management Excellence Essentials Magazine

[two_third]TPG Partner Robert Satterwhite serves as guest editor for’s October 2014 Talent Management Excellence Essentials magazine. He summarizes contributors’ articles, which encourage readers to embrace, confront, and adapt to the “new normal” in HR. He also challenges readers to reflect how they can use authors’ advice and recommendations to make HR processes and systems more responsive and proactive.[/two_third]

There are constant references to “the new normal” in the popular press – and HR is no exception.  However, at what point does this phrase move beyond a cliché and become “that’s just the way things are” (in other words, just plain old normal)? In my mind that occurs when we as an HR community challenge traditional talent management processes – like leadership development, coaching, performance management and compensation – in response to new circumstances, new research, new methods, and new perspectives. In this month’s issue of Talent Management Excellence Essentials magazine, many of our contributing authors throw down just such a challenge by encouraging readers to embrace, confront, and adapt to this new normal – in all its messiness.