Case Study: Distributor Full Plate™ Category Management Leadership Program

Client Description

Leading US Foodservice Distributors & Manufacturers


Following the development of the Full Plate process by TPG, IFMA and a board of 33 Foodservice companies, four pilot programs were run to test the new approach. The creation of a best practice planning process marked an important step forward for the Foodservice industry and represented a collaborative approach to utilizing new data points, strategic thinking, consumer-orientation and a passion for fact-based business plans.


Conduct Four Category Management Plan Development test pilots each with one distributor and one supplier partner focused on building and executing one category plan. The four categories covered were: shelf stable potatoes, pizza cheese, soup and tissue/towel/napkin.

TPG Approach

Over a 3-month period, with TPG leading the development, the teams completed each step of the Full Plate process from aligning on goals, developing insight summaries, building strategies and tactics, to building activation timelines and scorecards. The plan were then executed and tracked.


Category sales growth over prior year averaged 22% in divisions and operating companies where pilot plans were executed.