Custom E-Learning


The Opportunity

E-Learning is one element of a learning journey that can provide a productive, efficient, convenient and cost effective way to address training needs. The objective of any training is about performance—imparting knowledge and developing skills to improve learner performance, and ultimately delivering business results. That is why when we work with you, we consider our client’s goals, values, and culture and in order to create customized compelling learning solutions.

At TPG, we build award winning e-learning and blended learning solutions, from storyboard development and instructional design through to content design and development. Our Learning and Development Center follows a proven approach to take create great content and turn it into effective training. We help improve performance by making learning a better experience by knowing how adults learn and what tools are best for teaching them.



What We Do

  • Instructional design and Storyboard Development: TPG’s Instructional Designers apply the latest thinking in e-learning, seamlessly linking audio, visual and interactive components to optimize cognitive load in a way that maximizes learner cognition.
  • Graphic & Interface Design: Our graphic designers don’t just create effective visuals…they also have great instructional sense and help form the messaging of your content. And our developers aren’t just great programmers, they understand how to pull the creative work of the entire team into compelling stories and interactions.
  • Full Course Development: Our talented and diverse team of experts – instructional designers, graphic designers, and technology developers – are creative, progressive, provocative, genuine, curious, and driven. But all of us together—that’s how we are different! From working within previously defined formats to fully customized courses you’ll get e-learning that meets your learning and business goals.
  • Rapid Development: Working with subject matter experts, the TPG Learning Development Center can work with you to determine the best timeline and resources for your eLearning project to quickly create e-learning courses and content that delivers on your needs.