Case Study: Winning Beyond the Manufacturer and Retailer Interface

Winning Beyond the Manufacturer and Retailer Interface



A global manufacturer and North American retailer in the consumer electronics industry recognized value creation analysis was necessary to discover stronger and more sustainable growth opportunities.  Identifying the precise leading retail customer would be critical to fostering a strategic business relationship paramount to delivering increased revenue and reduced operating costs.  The retailer asked TPG for help to identify discrete value creation opportunities between the two business partners and spearhead a breakthrough joint business plan.

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Through a deep-dive assessment, we documented work and information processes between companies.  Opportunities were quantified through loss analyses and aligned at the functional and executive-level with both companies.  During this journey, we identified and documented the core information and work processes.  In addition, we facilitated the development of five operational strategies and plans to unlock growth across the shared value chain.  In conclusion, we expedited the implementation of the joint business plan, cultivating significant value for both companies.


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Stellar results confirmed working capital improvements of 6%, operational costs savings of 4% and product availability improvements of 8%.  In addition, discernible progression in the nature of the partnership between the two companies provides on-going growth today.


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