Case Study: Collaborative Planning Delivers Results

Collaborative Planning Delivers Results


Client Description

Global Home Entertainment Company


  • Routine/commodity-oriented shopping trip – very little entertainment value communicated at retail and products typically sold on price
  • Challenges in presenting new formats and titles, with too much noise at the point of sale


To introduce collaborative Joint Business Planning to the organization and to facilitate the development of breakthrough JBP’s with selected customers to drive business performance

TPG Approach

  • TPG developed a new Joint Business Planning process and cascaded the approach from corporate to functional to customer teams as part of the annual business planning process
  • The customer teams were trained on JBP
  • JBP’s were developed for the top 4 customers, with TPG guiding the process in the background
  • The process leveraged shopper insights to identify areas for improvement
  • The manufacturer developed innovative solutions for presenting the category and worked collaboratively with each customer to tailor the solutions to the specific needs of individual customers


10% growth after deployment of the new consumer oriented merchandising schemes


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