Case Study: Creating Competitive Advantage in a Global Market Place

Creating Competitive Advantage in a Global Market Place



A $5 Billion dollar global manufacturer of pet care products and snacks began to feel the threat of increasingly capable competitors.  The retailer became critically aware of the need to strengthen its point of difference from the erosion of competition, and uncover opportunities to increase consumer value proposition at a lower cost.  At the same time, the retailer experienced growing pressure to build market share and investor value.  As a result, the retailer asked TPG to step in and assist with assessing its current organization against Industry Best Practices.  In parallel, TPG was asked to identify key milestones within a custom-designed roadmap which would strategically implement these needed changes while maintaining on-going business requirements.

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We began by designing a blueprint with concept-through-development solutions, interweaving a complete Assessment, Design valuation, Implementation and continuous Renewal system.  The discovery process revealed a clear need for OPM at the heart of each initiative.  At a deeper level, the origination of cross-functional Design and Implementation, sales re-design, category management leadership, and MDO development were territories discovered to have an escalating demand for change.  With an eye looking toward future sustainability, the creation of an Innovation team would be paramount to delivering viable growth overtime.


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Over the course of 15 years of uninterrupted sales and profit growth with $1 Billion in Innovation and Renovation annually, success has delivered a marathon feat.  In addition, this retailer has shaped what is best-in-class industry standard leadership on Speed to Market, celebrated lowest MOGE (SG&A) among competitors, and achieved best practice in customer service.  Dedication to continual improvement upon implementing a strategic blueprint has delivered consistent, sustained wins against primary competitors.