The Opportunity

As manufacturers and retailers evaluate their financial and operating trading performance they invariably uncover opportunities to streamline the flow of product, information, and cash.

TPG engagements have demonstrated that chain costs can be reduced by 5-15% of costs of goods sold with improvements in Manufacturer to Retailer system and planning integration, Forecasting, demand and capacity planning, material supply management Initiative management, Working capital improvement, and Perfect Order Reliability.

A thorough value chain assessment can identify the core problems and relevant solutions to meet client business objectives. TPG works with manufacturers directly to assess their internal value chain as well as with their strategic retailer partner.

What We Do

TPG works with manufacturers to create a detailed assessment of the value chain and then quantifies the benefits and road map for optimization. A partial list of our consulting services include:

  • Value Chain Scoping: TPG works with the client to select the appropriate Value Chain by business unit and product category for improvement based on historical data and future business objectives.
  • Sponsor Alignment: TPG leads the client through the necessary steps to secure client resources for data analysis and verification, and to agree to the milestones necessary to perform a detailed assessment.
  • Value Chain Assessment: TPG conducts a detailed analysis of all supply chain costs for the designated value chain. This is delivered through TPG financial models, interviews, and value stream flow analyses of the value chain.
  • Assessment Results and Next Steps: TPG shares the results of the assessment only after validating the findings with client finance and functional resources identified in the “Sponsor Alignment” phase. Initial solution road maps are presented to be implemented via TPG’s Value Chain Optimization product.
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