Lean Manufacturing / TPM


The Opportunity

Manufacturers are seeking to streamline their internal converting operations to drive out waste and rework in order to deliver competitive pricing to customers at desired margins. These objectives require more than the traditional “cost-out”/ “work-out” short term fixes which all too often are not sustainable.

Also, plant managers are overwhelmed with the abundance of complex Lean/Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) approaches. These managers are seeking skilled navigation for the Lean/TPM journey and simplification in implementation.

TPG combines the rigor and discipline of Total Productive Maintenance, with the detailed analytical tools of Lean, to design and implement a robust set of interventions that deliver sustainable improved operational efficiencies and reduced costs for niche to Fortune 500 manufacturers. The TPG method is effective in a wide range of manufacturing cultures and business technologies.


Supply Chain


What We Do

TPG’s Partners support clients in the creation of a road map to launch and realize the benefits of Lean Manufacturing / TPM. A partial list of our consulting services include:

  • Quantify Business Needs and Objectives: Defines the Objectives, Goals (financials), Strategies and Measures (KPIs) of the business unit, and the subsequent actions plans required of the overall Supply Chain organization, and related plants, to execute with excellence.
  • Lean / TPM Loss Analysis: Provides an analysis comparing the required business need, and required action plans, to the current capability of the plant. These differences or “losses” are calculated and definitive targets are developed to create a plant wide performance map.
  • Identify Performance Map Targets: An overall plant scorecard is generated by Value Stream and department.
  • Establish Site and Business / Value Stream Master Plans: Each Value Stream develops a Master Plan or Road map to deliver the performance targets and to reduce the identified losses. Skills and capability needs are required for each Value Stream; these requirements clarify the plant TPM pillar needs.
  • Implementation: TPG co-leads or supports the delivery of TPM lead activities and overall program-management. TPG acts as dedicated program managers, content practitioners, or trainers. Project milestones and monthly performance reviews are conducted to stay on track to reach project expectations.

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