Case Study: Reinventing Strategy Development and Deployment

Case Study: Reinventing Strategy Development and Deployment

Client Description

Global Non-Food Consumables Leader


This extremely successful company was acquired by a global conglomerate. The parent company had a strategic planning process that was highly financially-oriented. The acquired company (a global, non-food consumables leader and now a business unit) recognized that the parent company’s strategic planning process lacked rigorous marketplace analysis and breakthrough strategic planning. As such, the business unit had an outdated, non-competitive strategic plan.


Create a contemporary strategic planning process that insures the business unit is positioned for long term growth and leadership while working within the parent company’s overarching planning process.

TPG Approach

  • Designed a new strategic planning process applying industry best practices while linking to the parent planning processes and timing.
  • Facilitated the activation of the new strategic planning process, helping the client create a series of new strategies and initiatives.


  • The strategic plan was responsible for three years of record sales, market share and profit growth despite dismal economic conditions creating category retraction.
  • The newly designed process became the worldwide standard for strategic planning and was adopted by the corporation’s other business units.

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