Case Study: Impactful Scenario Planning

Client Description

Leading Regional manufacturer/marketer of pet food and pet products.


In conjunction with a TPG-led revamping of the client’s planning and budgeting processes designed and implemented a scenario planning process.


Create sustainable self-sufficiency in scenario planning.

TPG Approach

  • Over a 7 month period, developed and implemented a scenario planning process customized to the client’s business and integrated this new process with its pre-existing strategic planning and budgeting processes.
  • Trained, mentored and coached a newly-appointed strategic planner with no prior scenario planning experience.
  • Guided the organization through its first scenario planning cycle.
  • Coached the newly-trained scenario planner through a successful multi-day, organization-wide scenario planning workshop with the executive leadership team.


The 2011 strategic plan incorporated as an elevated priority, developing a game plan to address a number of issues which the scenario planning effort identified as business drivers including the impact of social networks on future consumer, shopper and customer communication strategies; the impact of ecommerce on both shopper and retailer sales strategy; and the need to increase fast and flexible manufacturing capability.

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