Case Study: Enterprise Wide Strategy

Case Study: Enterprise Wide Strategy

Client Description

US leader – Ice Cream and Frozen Novelties


The Company produces some of the most recognizable brands of Ice Cream and frozen novelties in the US. They successfully brought numerous innovations to the consumer, but struggled with leveraging their innovations in a very price oriented and competitive market.


Create and deploy a cohesive strategic plan through all functions of the company. Build consumption of “value added” products and reduce costs of “price fighter” products to sustain a more profitable business.

TPG Approach

  • TPG completed a comprehensive assessment including consumer, competitive and internal cross functional analysis and insight to build a foundation for the strategic plan.
  • TPG, working with the Executive Team developed an enterprise plan including specific measurable objectives and strategies that aligned the functions around a new consumer proposition. The plan included numerous functional initiatives and a three year mobilization plan.


The plan is in early stages of deployment. At this stage consumption of value added products has improved and market shares are up. The organization is aligned to one plan. Profits and EBITDA are improving

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