Case Study: Building Functional Excellence

Case Study: Building Functional Excellence

Client Description

North American Consumer Products Leader – Human Resources


The HR leadership of this company had responsibility for thousands of management and exempt employees in several divisions. Previous plans tended to be tactical and reactionary to divisional management whims. HR leadership and the management team needed proactive plan that could deal with significant issues on future talent development, employee retention and career pathing


Create a forward looking strategic plan to ensure a highly capable and engaged workforce to meet the future needs of the company.

TPG Approach

  • TPG and the HR team completed a comprehensive assessment with internal and external benchmarks. It revealed opportunities to improve organization alignment, leadership development, and HR process effectiveness.
  • TPG, working with the HR leadership Team, created a three year strategic plan. The plan included an organization vision, strategies that assured corporate management of a capable workforce for the future, as well as numerous supporting initiatives. A dashboard of specific, measurable objectives was established to monitor progress and prompt action.


This plan is in the early stages of deployment

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