Multicultural Marketing

The Opportunity

The number of Hispanics in the US is now 50% greater than the entire Canadian Population! America’s multicultural population has grown exponentially and attracting them is a business imperative to reach your growth goals. Otherwise, you risk losing near term sales as well as long term loyalty with an increasingly large and diverse consumer base. Many manufacturers grapple with how to unlock the growth code in “markets within a market” such as Hispanics, African American, Asian and LGBT. Or worse, you waste resources with inconsistent/poorly funded efforts and/or delegating the work to incapable colleagues or agencies. Leading manufacturers develop a compelling business case that targets relevant segments, products, initiatives and retailers based upon an internally aligned strategic activation plan to drive measurable results.

What We Do

TPG’s multicultural marketing experts help you create sustainable capability that drives incremental growth by building brand advocacy. A partial list of our multicultural marketing services includes:

  • Assessment & Benchmarking: Provides an internal and external expert review of capability and sizing the prize to develop a compelling multicultural business case.
  • Multicultural Strategy Development: Defines how to “run multicultural as a business” (vs. a “project”) for sustainable growth involving a cultural immersion and strategic planning with alignment to overall strategic plans.
  • Business Plan Development & Implementation: The set of relevant multicultural business initiatives developed with internal cross-functional resources in order to motivate buy in external stakeholder and retailers that enables success.
  • Measurement, Evaluation & Communication Plans: Development of a “you get what you measure and effectively communicate” mantra with MC KPI’s/metric tools to secure ongoing, reliable success.
  • Organizational Enablers: Creating ongoing capability and capacity to reach, and sell, the diverse segment.
  • Training: Delivery of insightful and pragmatic training that shares best in class case studies and drives initial client introspective assessment across a crawl-walk-run continuum of capability/capacity.

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