Digital Acceleration

Digital Acceleration

Shopper attention has shifted to digital, social and mobile content demanding a reset of marketing mix investment. With shoppers enabled with smartphones, digital marketing is now changing behavior in the store aisle. Brick & mortar, pure-play ecommerce and multi-channel retailers have identified Digital Marketing as an engine of growth. Leading retailers are developing an integrated digital strategy with initiatives to drive growth that are measured and prioritized with a common approach.

What We Do

TPG’s digital initiatives approach provides a strategic roadmap to win in digital marketing. A partial list of our digital, social, and mobile consulting services include:

  • Digital Marketing Acceleration: TPG provides benchmarks vs competitors regarding use, scale and investment levels in Digital. TPG and a working group within the retailer define the Objectives, Goals, Strategies and Measures (KPIs) of this digital initiative including core digital, social and mobile.
  • Digital Measurement and ROI: TPG will provide a detailed ROI model across bricks, clicks and digital channels.
  • Marketing Mix Review and Goal Setting: TPG will conduct a comprehensive study pulling together and highlighting the digital channels and campaigns with opportunities for demand or profit growth.
  • Digital Demand Forecast Model: TPG team will provides a forecasting model using customer value metrics, industry benchmarks, and product category trends to deliver a 3 year demand/spend analysis.
  • Digital Initiatives – Rank, Size, Select: Quantification of the profit value for each potential digital initiative such as SEO, Online Video, Social Commerce, Personalization and Mobile. This will be accomplished by leveraging traffic, conversion and other metrics. TPG will provide a clear business case for prioritization of investments.

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