Business Case for MultiCultural Marketing

Client Description

Global Manufacturer – Food & Beverage.


The client sought to capture the rapid growth available with multicultural consumers in the US. Past efforts had been sporadic with fleeting budgets, inadequate measurement and inconsistent executive sponsorship. Critical to securing an appropriate share of organizational resources would be the building of a compelling business case. This would also need to include a plan to build capability that would result in a long-term sustainable effort and most importantly deliver major contribution to the corporation’s growth goals.


Develop a compelling business case and 3 year strategic plan that would: a) identify the size of prize; b) define the pace and scale of investment across multicultural consumer segments, the company’s product portfolio, customers and regions; and c) lay out how the organization would achieve sustainable capability to capture the multicultural opportunity on a going basis.

TPG Approach

Close collaboration and facilitation of a client team of multi-functionals to carry out the work, with timely reviews with an Executive Steering Team and fully integrated into the company’s business planning process. Plan had to be geared to generate quick wins in targeted categories/markets/retailers to build confidence for expansion to a broader multicultural footprint.


Enabled client to develop and get agreement to a multi year, multicultural business development proposal in an abbreviated time frame. It represented one of the top “initiatives” of the organization.

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