Brand Building to Improve Value

Today’s discerning consumer is looking for products that provide a superior value, particularly in this tough economic environment. Creating a superior value equation is more than just price – it is a combination of product benefits/performance, price and conceptual positioning of the product.

Superior value is a holistic proposition that must be designed and measured holistically versus a relevant competitive set. Superior value offerings range from high-end, new skin care offerings sold for the first time in the mass outlets at a new higher price tier but at a better value than expensive department store brands, to creating an entry-point price offering to attract new users to a category.

In all cases, a better value proposition begins with delighting the consumer, providing the right benefit at the right price and communicating the benefit in a relevant manner.

What We Do

TPG provides a team of brand specialists that works with clients in developing a comprehensive approach to providing the right value offerings in your portfolio to significantly improve purchase intent and competitive advantage. A partial list of our Brand Building to Improve Value services includes:

  • Consumer Segmentation vs. Brand Offering Analysis: Using a proprietary set of tools and templates, TPG conducts a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of the company’s portfolio vs. consumer needs to:
    • Develop a robust, balanced and strategic consumer segmentation model
    • Identify the salient unmet needs at various value offerings for each segment
    • Determine the long term attractiveness of the segments and the right to win within each segment
  • Brand Roles within the Value Offerings: For each brand offering, TPG works to clearly define their right to play/win in the different value offerings and with various consumer segments. We work to define Portfolio Roles for each brand – Strategic, Growth, Profit Driver – that guide resource allocation and ensure each brand is appropriately supported to achieve overall business goals.
  • Portfolio Structure vs. Value offerings: TPG helps develop a logical structure to the overall Portfolio that defines roles vs. consumer segments and a hierarchy that provides purpose and direction to the organization.
  • Recommended Benefits/Products to Delight the Consumer: TPG will prioritize top benefits the consumer wants and needs to create consumer driven offerings that deliver real value and preference vs. diluted versions of existing products.
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