Joint Business Planning

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JBP reportAn Industry report that highlights key findings for launching and/or improving the Joint Business Planning (JBP) process. This report was commissioned by NACDS and written by The Partnering Group. The report was created through collaboration with a number of industry suppliers and retailers through a series of sharegroups on this critical topic.

Inside we share how their companies are using JBP to strengthen relationships and improve business results. This report includes detailed examples of the methods currently being used

  • Characteristics of leading practice JBP’s
  • Methods/Tools to maximize business outcomes
  • Recommendations for driving maximum efficiency and effectiveness
  • Benefits of properly executed JBP’s
  • Toolkit of JBP templates
  • Increased alignment between Trading Partners
  • Increased leverage in your ability to connect your strategies to your Trading Partner’s strategies
  • Increased ROI for the investments being made to drive these JBP initiatives
  • Triple Win: Supplier, Retailer and Shopper
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