Is your Supply Chain Cost Competitive and Sustainable to your Growth Requirements?

Designing your Supply Chain to be strategically and efficiently equipped to meet the expectations of customers is a competitive requirement for sustaining value creation.

TPG Partner Bryon Marks listens to his clients and then works with them to transform their value chain to enable profitable and sustainable growth. As a respected supply chain executive, Bryon brings extensive experience and dedication to delivering value chain optimization and supplier development customization plans tailored to each client’s challenges.

Delivering differentiated products and supply chain solutions in a continually evolving market is necessary to thrive. This approach begins with clearly defining business and customer requirements, developing a holistic supply chain strategy, and then making a determination on which strategic suppliers are best equipped to deliver a highly responsive set of capabilities to deliver successful outcomes. When key suppliers are fully integrated into the manufacturer’s value chain with a clear understanding of customer requirements, the synergies available to gain velocity, eliminate waste and quality defects, lower costs and nimble supply solutions become an enviable competitive advantage. Learn how TPG’s Supply Chain Practice is helping companies deliver innovation to your successful supply chain.