iMedia Brand Summit September, 2013

TPG Partner Bill Pearce was the lead speaker at the September Imedia Brand Summit. His topic was on Brands as Content Creators.

Consumers are confronted daily with thousands of brand names and stories in an endless sea of media fragmentation, social platforms and consumer technology. This iMedia Summit is about crafting your brand story in a way that connects and resonates on many levels to stand out above the rest. Advances in digital media and creative scalability have afforded brands the opportunity and necessity to create more meaningful brand experiences through multi-screen storytelling. This flagship iMedia Brand Summit will help marketers create bold and innovative campaigns featuring traditional media channels and digital components working in concert to deliver homogeneous and immersive experiences.

  • Modern branding showcase: case studies from iconic brands
  • Partner management: getting the most out of your agencies and service providers
  • Content distribution: Understanding and leveraging the traditional and new delivery channels
  • Social media re-imagined: snacking, pinning, recording and friending
  • Best practices: social marketing and the role of enterprise vs. campaign tactics
  • Measurement: quantifying relevancy, consistency, quality and reach

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