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After being first introduced to the Industry in the early 1990’s, Category Management has evolved and adapted to the changing business climate. Category Management is firmly entrenched in the industry as the principal platform for collaboration between retail and manufacturer trading partners. This survey confirms that Category Management excellence continues to drive growth and profitability.

Category Management is an essential business process and a top priority for almost every retail channel and consumer product category. Its impact on the consumer, the shopper, the industry’s methods of business planning, and manufacturer-retailer collaboration is unparalleled. Today, the best practices of Category Management are delivering profound results and, ultimately “Category Leadership” for manufacturers and retailers alike. The latest processes, techniques and capabilities are stimulating:

Category Relevancy – Promoting and enhancing the relevance of categories within a constantly evolving world of never ending choices. Reviving mature and declining categories, accelerating penetration and consumption of new and emerging categories.
Consumer and Shopper Loyalty – Building retailer and brand loyalty by enhancing the purchase and consumption experience (known as the consumer shopper journey) derived from a more diverse and richer foundation of insights.
Category Growth & Profitability – Vibrant, balanced (revenue and profit) growth, even in economically difficult periods, stimulated by collaboration, innovation, marketing, merchandising excellence, and supply chain efficiency.

The survey uncovers 6 key findings and offers a suggested Path Forward
1. Category Management continues to deliver results for the industry
2. Common issues & hurdles impede industry results
3. Leading edge companies are building targeted capabilities to separate themselves in a crowded marketplace and deliver an ROI
4. Sr leadership’s vision & commitment are key factors for successful Category Management companies
5. Path-to-Loyalty is the emerging framework for identifying and managing shopper insights
6. Collaboration accelerates growth

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